"Buck Privates Come Home", 1947
Original Title Card and lobby card
Starring Abbott and Costello

AC_BuckPrivates_Come_HomeTC.jpg (31718 bytes)

1947 - From the original lobby card set of eight, here is the coveted Title Card. The graphics on the title card is spectacular!!!


Title Card $450

AC_BuckPrivates_Come_HomeLC.jpg (31557 bytes)

1947 - The lobby card scene is one of the best in the set. A rare vintage title to find anything on!!


AC_Buck_Privates_Home_LC2.jpg (52736 bytes) 1947 - Great lobby card with both A&C, pictured with a classic 1940's race car! Greta for both the A&C and antique card collector!!


AC_Buck_Privates_Home_LC3.jpg (35641 bytes)

1947 - Another great original lobby card for this A&C classic!!