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From vintage movie posters to rare autographs, we are one of the biggest Abbott and Costello collectors you will find. We continually scour the universe for the most desirable Abbott and Costello memorabilia.          

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Original Vintage Movie Posters

One Sheets  - Standard size (27"x41") still used to promote movies in theatres today  (also Window Cards (14"x22") and Inserts   (14"x30"))


More Lobby Card movie posters (11x14")

- Set of eight cards. One Title Card (miniature of the one sheet) and seven cards displaying actually scenes from the movie. Were always used in theatres in the early days to promote movies and coming attractions, however since the 80's they have not been used as much anymore. Highly collectible not only because of their near extinction but because of their very popular display and framable size and often better artwork then the one sheets.

  • JUST ARRIVED - ORIGINAL Costume Sketches for Abbott & Costello and Charles Laughton for "A&C Meet Captain Kidd"...MUST SEE!!!!

Authentic Autographs  (all autographs Guaranteed for Life!)

  • Signed Photo - A vintage signed photo, MUST SEE!! 

  • Pristine Signatures - Must see!!  Large Vintage 1940's signatures on back of table card, 

  • Signed menu from the Brass Rail in 1947. Comes with written provenance from man who's father worked at Brass Rail and acquired in person in 1947. 

  • JUST ARRIVED!! - Original "Abbott & Costello Radio Show" business check from 1948 SIGNED BY BOTH!!... AND, made out TO and SIGNED/ENDORSED AGAIN by Costello on reverse!!  A real VERY RARE treasure!! - $1500

  • Vintage autograph album signatures - Very NICE pair of A&C vintage autographs