"Abbott and Costello Meet 
the Killer Boris Karloff", 1949

Original Vintage Title Card & Lobby Card Movie Posters

1949 - The ORIGINAL Title Card for this ever popular A&C classic. Excellent condition with just slight staining and wear on border edges.    One of their most popular horror features, Boris Karloff could only be convinced to appear if his name was actually part of the title. 


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1949 - ORIGINAL Vintage lobby cards form the Abbott & Costello classic "Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff". Yes, Boris Karloff's part of the agreement to appear in the movie was to have his name actually in the title. These are the three BEST lobby cards of the set!! All are Spectacular scenes with Karloff. The colors are just stunning!! Even more beautiful in person then what the images depict.. Great condition with incredible artwork and graphics AND with Karloff in a great scene!! 


$450 each.

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1949 - Great scene from this A&C classic.   Excellent condition,


AC_Meet_Killer_deadman_LC.jpg (33854 bytes)

1949 - The "dead man" scene. Great image of both A&C with striking border art!



Original 1949 release lobby cards. Great scenes!!!  Beautiful graphics and border art of the boys and Karloff.
The Title actually included Boris Karloff's name.   NOT a re-release but the original 1949 release. .