Music Legends...


    Frank Sinatra Collection- An  incredible collection of rare, AUTHENTIC, vintage Frank Sinatra autographs and movie posters...MUST SEE!!

    Other Music legends:

    • Nat King Cole - Incredible Vintage Signed photo from "in-person" collection from early-mid 1940's, $450
    • Frank Sinatra - Stunning Vintage signed photo. $995
    • Dean Martin - Signed Tennis Receipt.  Also see Frank Sinatra site for "Rat Pack" autographs including Dean Martin
    • Barbra Streisand - In-person SIGNED photo from movie "Nuts", $200
    • Barbra Streisand - Another beautiful color signed photo, $325
    • Johnny Cash - Great vintage autographs and color signed photo
    •   Liberace - In-person signature on front of Airflight ticket holder from 11-6-1965, ..$40
    •  Liberace - Nice signed photo, he adds a drawing of piano,  $200
    • Irving Berlin- Nice 8x10 photo signed later in life, Sander's Guide is $1650.  Great investment for only $395!! Also, vintage signature.
    • Elvis Presley - RARE AUTHENTIC Signed Photos from the Jim Curtin Collection!