"The Wagons Roll at Night", 1941
Original One Sheet (27x41") & Title Card (11x14") & Vintage Still
Starring Humphrey Bogart

1941 - THIS IS IT! The incredible One Sheet for this VERY RARE title.  According to our Poster Price Almanac a One Sheet has NEVER BEEN SOLD before so this is an extremely scarce original movie poster to find.   The vintage artwork is stunning!  

Excellent condition and has been beautifully professionally linen backed.


1941 - Striking Humphrey Bogart VINTAGE Original Title Card from this Highly desirable title. It is also a VERY RARE title to acquire ANY movie poster paper form. A one sheet has never been sold (per the 2001 Poster Almanac), however the lobby cards sell for several hundred $$. What makes this Title Card even more historical is that the credits were apparently changed after the posters were printed.   Some of the stars apparently didn't agree with the order of the credit listing . Most likely Sylvia Sydney didn't want to be listed last (which she originally was) so the studio had credits modified on all posters moving Sydney from last to second. A special credit label was applied over the old credits. Eddie Albert got the short end of the bargain.

This is unused but has sustained some holing in its lifetime between the two "L"'s of "roll"  and above and below the "v" in "Silvia". There are two holes at right of left margin from 2-ring binder that these had been stored in at some time. Some very slight water staining to lower margin. But, a terrific and VERY RARE Bogart early 40's Title Card.

INCLUDED FREE with this Title Card is an ORIGINAL Vintage still from 1941. Great scene with Bogart. Would look GREAT matted and framed with the Title Card!!