Marlon Brando 

- Original, GENUINE Autograph -


Conway's stamp NOT on actual piece. 
Only to discourage image and forgery theft. 

Marlon Brando - SCARCE Pre-Godfather Brando signature 


After collecting autographs for 25 years one rarely comes across an EXCEPTIONAL museum quality piece that stands out above all the rest.  I have seen a number  Brando autographs over the years, however, this is indeed the most striking, authentic example I have ever seen. Everything about this piece makes it extraordinary.  The unquestionable Brando GENUINE handwriting and vintage ballpoint pen signature, the personal inscription, the medium, Star Sporting Goods in Hollywood , apparently acquired while Brando was shopping.  The date made by the recipient, also in aged, vintage ink.  The aging and vintage remnants including tape maybe once used to display (all of these "natural" characteristics that make it virtually impossible for  forgers to duplicate).   Compared to most of the scribbled, un-inscribed Brando signatures, this vintage autographed treasure stands out above all others I have seen in every way! And, the well known fact that Brando loathed signing autographs and hence, there are SCARCELY few authentic examples on the market, make this an extraordinary find!. 

 Ballpoint signature and inscription, “To Carol, Regards, Marlon Brando,” on an off-white 4 x 5 sheet of Hank Kroof’s Star Sporting Goods stationery. Some scattered light wrinkling and creasing, collector’s date notation of May 8, 1971, to top right, small tape remnants to top corner tips and a bit of light soiling, otherwise fine condition.  

As most collectors know Brando was infamous for his distain to autograph seekers, and would even get “unfriendly” when approached.  On the other hand Brando sometimes had a “soft spot” for the working man or woman such as waitresses and in this case a retail store clerk. Apparently, once in a great while, he had brief moments of  consideration for such people.   Years ago I purchased a Brando autograph from a waitress who obtained his signature after she gave him his meal check (and she didn’t even ask him for it).  At the same time she said three people approached him and he asked them to leave him alone.    Another soft spot for Brando were people associated with Native Americans.  So, while it wasn’t impossible to obtain his autograph, it was just impossible for the autograph seeker. Hence, genuine Brando autographs are extremely Scarce!  

Because of the value, SCARITY and high desirability of Marlon Brando autographs he has become a prime target for the forgers selling on the internet auction sites. Fortunately Brando’s distinctive style makes forgeries easily detectable to the experienced eye. Still, as high as 98% of Brando autographs from online auction sites are fake.   So beware!  There are even a few more sophisticated forgers who use old paper torn from old books.  Remember the Certificate of Authenticity is worthless unless it comes from a reputable source that has been in business for a number of years, doesn't SOLELY sell on Ebay and most important offers a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

 Here is a chance to own an unquestionably RARE, authentic vintage autograph with the most highly regarded authentication certification in the autograph industry. Authenticity Guaranteed for Life. THREE COA’s from Conway’s Autographs, PSA and R&R Enterprises.

If you ever wanted to own a GENUINE, EXCEPTIONAL Marlon Brando autograph, this is the one!  Most likely the BEST you will ever see!