Billie Burke (aka "Glenda the good witch of Oz")
VERY Vintage signed photo


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1934 - This will be a great addition to your WIZARD OF OZ collection. it is a SIGNED one page contract between Samuel Goldwyn Sr. (1882-1974) and the great Billie Burke (1885-1970) for her to work for his studios in 1934.   Signed by BOTH!!   RARE RARE!!

Her father was the internationally famous clown, Billy Burke, and she would spend most of her early years touring Europe. She was a red-haired beauty, she became the toast of Broadway and married promoter Florenz Ziegfeld in April 1914. Billie was signed in 1915 to make the film PEGGY. Of the next 15 films that she made, she would make 14 in New York. In between films, she would return to the stage which was her first love. It was in the 1932 comedy DINNER AT EIGHT that Billie would find the character that she would play the rest of her career. It is the hapless, feather-brained lady with the unmistakably high voice who would be more interested in little details than what was at hand. In some films she was obviously too old for the part, but played it to the hilt. In 1937, she started the Topper series of films in which she played Mrs. Topper with her usual fluffy performance. But for most of the people who were raised on television, she will always be remembered as Glinda, the Good Witch, in THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)

Famed for his relentless ambition, his bad temper and his genius for publicity, Goldwyn became Hollywood's leading "independent" producer. Goldwyn's stars included Mabel Normand, Madge Kennedy and Will Rogers, but its most famous legacy was its "Leo the Lion" trademark, adopted by its successor company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Goldwyn himself was ousted by the company before the merger. After his firing, Goldwyn was for 35 years the boss and sole proprietor of his own production company, a mini-studio specializing in expensive "quality" films, distributed initially by United Artists and later by RKO. His contract ac tors at various times included Vilma Banky, Ronald Colman, Eddie Cantor, Gary Cooper, David Niven and Danny Kaye. In some cases, Goldwyn collected substantial fees for "lending" his stars to other producers. He was touted by publicists for his "Goldwyn touch, " and loathed by many of his hirelings for his habit of ordering films recast, rewritten and recut.

Having Goldwyn's signature on any original material is rare and having BOTH of these signatures on one document makes this EXTREMELY special!  This is the FIRST Billie Burke contract we have ever seen in 25 years of collecting