"The Fighting 69th", 1940
ORIGINAL Vintage One Sheet (27x41")
Starring James Cagney


1940 - A Beautiful Original one sheet from this early James Cagney classic.   

Moving World War I story based on the famed New York Irish 69th Regiment and its beloved chaplain, Father Francis Duffy, played in the movie by Pat O'Brien. James Cagney plays another member of the regiment (this one fictional), a cocky kid from Brooklyn who turns coward under fire. Because of his cowardice many casualties occur, and he is shunned by all in the regiment except for Father Duffy, who considers him a lost sheep that must be returned to the fold. Touching story with strong performances, especially by the Cagney and O'Brien.

This Original Vintage Movie Poster has great artwork. It is in very good condition with some flaking on border edges.  If I were to keep this poster in my collection I would probably have it re linen backed. Other then that a great vintage James Cagney poster