Civil War 
Daguerreotypes, Tin Types and Memorabilia

INCREDIBLY RARE   Ulysses S. Grant Tin Type

Here is an extremely RARE and MOST DESIRABLE Civil War Tin Type from about 1860.  What makes this so RARE and most highly sought after?  It is none other then General Ulysses S. Grant in FULL Military Uniform in an unmistakable, highly confident pose leaning up against his command post tent.  In addition, it is enclosed in an incredibly beautiful, and VERY RARE Military Gutta Percha Case.  The outside of the case reads "THE UNION AND CONSTITUTION" with the military insignia below. This RARE case is in MAGNIFICENT CONDITION! See photos.  ALSO, the copper tin frame inside the case, is a special military issue with flags, drums and canons etched into the frame.


The tin type has shows signs of age. But, what an incredible, museum quality find!!  See photos for details.


Size is 3"x 2.5".


The images say it all!





With Civil War Generals

Here is an extremely RARE and MOST DESIRABLE Civil War Tin Type photo album from about 1860.  It includes several miniature tin types each about the size of a one cent piece
(about 28 in all) including Civil War Generals such as GEN. ULYSSES S. GRANT, GEN. HORACE PORTER and GEN. KILPATRICK.    Also, the names and death status has been written below many of the tin types. All of these RARE tin types are bound in the ORIGINAL Leather Tin Type Album as issued by Salom's Bazaar Boston, around 1860. See photos including a flyer for Salom's.

We cannot say enough about this INCREDIBLY Rare Civil War piece.  We cannot place a value on it because we have never seen one before and could not locate one like it. That has ever sold in the past.   A major auction house is very interested in this museum quality piece, however, we will try once here first.


Size is 3"x 2".

The images say it all!





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