Original Signed Letter as President-elect


Eisenhower_ltr.jpg (55405 bytes)

You are looking at the scan of an old framed letter from President-elect DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER and written to a "D.C. DeWitt" of Yorktown, Texas.  The overall size of this letter is 7.25" x 10.25" and the old wooden frame is 8.0" x 11.25."  If someone is interested in tracking the lineage of the letter, further, it was framed by "GENE'S STUDIO" in Yorktown, Texas (their store name is stamped twice on the backing of the frame).  Has never been removed from the frame which looks as though it was framed in the early 50's.

The letterhead is simple, stating, simply, "OFFICE OF DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER."  The letter had originally been tri-folded, and the crease lines are quite evident.

A great piece of History!