Millard Fillmore
Sentiment, signature, date and location 
November 27, 1931


Millard Fillmore - 13th President of the United States

Sentiment, signature, date and location cut from a handwritten letter, "With the Respect of Millard Fillmore, Buffalo, N.Y. Augt. 27, 1857"

In his rise from a log cabin to wealth and the White House, Millard Fillmore demonstrated that through methodical industry and some competence an uninspiring man could make the American dream come true.

Born in the Finger Lakes country of New York in 1800, Fillmore as a youth endured the privations of frontier life. He worked on his father's farm, and at 15 was apprenticed to a cloth dresser. He attended one-room schools, and fell in love with the redheaded teacher, Abigail Powers, who later became his wife.

In 1823 he was admitted to the bar; seven years later he moved his law practice to Buffalo. As an associate of the Whig politician Thurlow Weed, Fillmore held state office and for eight years was a member of the House of Representatives. In 1848, while Comptroller of New York, he was elected Vice President and eventually President in July of 1850. 

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