Todd Browning's "Freaks", 1949 re-release
Original Three Sheet


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1949 - This is a re-issue 3-sheet (41 x 81)movie poster of the 1932 classic film FREAKS. This poster looks like it was never used and would be in excellent condition with the exception it has been folded for years and there are small tears in six of the fold seams. No part of the picture is missing. A very rare poster ready for a linen backing.

This title is so rare that no 1932 one sheet or 3 sheet has ever surfaced on the market (per all my Movie Poster price almanacs).   Only one original lobby card was sold in 1996 for $10,000.  This is probably due to the fact that the movie was banned from most theatres when it was originally released in 1932.

This is the ONLY 3 sheet from this title we have ever seen.

Among classic horror films, FREAKS stands alone as one of the most grotesque and the most controversial. Rarely seen since its 1932 release, and banned in Britain for thirty years, it has achieved cult status as the masterpiece of the macabre

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The film features a cast of actual sideshow freaks, human-beings of every conceivable physical aberration. yet the film soon reveals that the normal members of the traveling carnival are the true monsters; pitiless, conniving and murderous! When one beautiful trapeze artist discovers one of the freaks has a small fortune, she lures him into marriage. But when she and her strongman lover plot to kill him after the wedding, the enraged freaks defend their friend and take revenge on their betrayers, transforming the aerialist into the most hideous side-show attractions of all.

From the acclaimed director of the original DRACULA, Todd Browning, FREAKS is a fascinating drama of prejudice and injustice with a provocative and timeless moral

A RARE FIND!  $1995