James and Lucretia Garfield Signatures
Stunning Historical Autographs in Spectacular Museum Quality Frame

Authentic signatures of our 20th President -- James A. Garfield and First Lady Lucretia Garfield. The James Garfield signature is a clip from a letter that reads: "I am to present the name of John Sherman"...."In haste, as ever yours, James A. Garfield."

The document was likely signed after he was elected President. Garfield was required to leave his position as Senator from Ohio. Garfield actively supported his close personal friend John Sherman to be his replacement. Sherman was elected.

Lucretia Garfield's signature is on a calling card that reads "Lucretia Garfield.....Cleveland, Ohio.....April, 1883." Luccretia's signature is oneof the most RARE among all First Ladies. 

Both James Garfield and First Lady Lucretia Garfield signatures are guaranteed to be authentic.

The authentic signatures also come with original Pell Cabinet photographs. This Museum Quality piece is approximately 19 inches by 19 inches -- is beautifully matted and framed (double gilded) using acid-free material and photo-gray protective glass.

A stunning captivating display. An incredible Historical Treasure that will leave your guests and/or business acquaintances in awe!


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