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Vintage AUTHENTIC Judy Garland Autograph on vintage album page. With Loretta Young autograph on reverse. 

One of the nicest Garland autographs we have seen in a long time. A very large 4" signature! Reads "To Phillip Sincerely Judy Garland".   With all the forgeries all over the internet, primarily the auction sites like Ebay, Authentic Judy Garland autograph are getting VERY SCARCE.  We have collected and studied her signature for nearly 20 years.  

Has been beautifully framed and matted with Original "Wizard of OZ" photo. For ideal display in your home, office or the ULTIMATE Gift! (because the post office and UPS always results in broken glass, we ship without glass.  This a standard 14x18 quality frame. Hence, easy to get inexpensive glass at any craft or picture frame store)

ALSO, the photo is an ORIGINAL and VERY RARE Wizard of Oz publicity shot with "Dorothy" and "Toto".  The snipe on the back reads  in part "Toto says to Judy Garland, you can't hide from me........" Several studio stamps and markings on the back as this rare photo was apparently used n magazine and other media print. 

This is Guaranteed Authentic for life!  Comes with TWO COA,s BOTH from UACC Members including Conway's Autographs. 


1944 - Below is very detailed provenance for this incredible rare piece of Judy Garland history. I have been collecting for over 20 years and only a few times have I ever seen a photo of the actual star of this caliber signing the autograph.  The only other item was when I acquired a set of Marx Brothers autographs and the Polaroid's of them signing.  This of course is the ONLY Judy Garland autograph and photo of her signing I have ever heard of.

The white spots and red print is NOT on the actual items. We have had a number of images stolen and then put on places like ebay for sale of the items. Hence, we try to circumvent this modern day laceny where we have the chance.

With the ever growing number of forgeries, particularly since online auctions have become an unregulated outlet for forgers, here is unquestionable provenance. The chance of ever seeing an opportunity like this again is highly unlikely

From the collection of Millard, second cousin of George Calliga.

In 1944, when Millard was twelve years of age, his mother's cousin, George Calliga, a "bit" player in Hollywood, sent Millard a leather-bound autograph book filled with 43 signatures of movie stars he had worked with or encountered on the movie sets. This autograph of Judy Garland is from that book.

Together Vintage Original Candid Photograph of Judy Garland signing the autograph book for Millard, with Millard's second cousin George Calliga dressed in business suit and hat standing next to Judy.

Photograph is matted and mounted; 3 1/4" x 4 3/8" enclosed in matte 9 1/8" x 10 1/8"; photograph has toning and scuffs; 1944.

Autograph was signed and candid photograph was taken on the set of "Meet Me In St. Louis" 1944.

"Meet Me In St. Louis" was released in 1944 directed by Vincente Minnelli from a novel by Sally Benson and produced by Arthur Freed.

At a time when the internet auction sites have encouraged a massive forgery market, such solid provenance and unquestionable proof of authenticity is EXTREMELY rare.

$1695 for both of these Extremely Scarce Museum Quality Treasures .



Judy Garland - Vintage Autograph

Melody Lane menu, 7.5 x 11.5, two pages, signed on the back cover in the unused address area in black ink, “Judy Garland.” In fine condition, with scattered soiling to back cover, bisecting horizontal fold and tape remnants to inside pages.


Guaranteed Authentic for Life. TWO COA's from Conway's Vintage Treasures AND Renown UACC Registered Dealer