Jean Harlow
Original Store Display & Advance Trade Ad from 1935

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1935 - This is a very special item!! An original store display featuring a beautiful color photo of Jean Harlow. The display measures 15-1/2" x 19". The photograph which is inserted into the display measures 8" x 11". The photo has beautiful, rich colors. The photo is printed on thick paper. The reverse side of the photo shows five images from different Harlow films - "Reckless" , "The Girl From Missouri" and "Blonde Bombshell". Judging from the Harlow films mentioned on the back, this display is from 1935. The display is in very good condition - there is light staining in the upper right hand corner (1/4" along the edge) - there are some light dirt marks - there is a crease in the lower left hand corner - there is a minor 1/2" tear on the bottom edge and a couple minor nicks. Overall this display is in very good condition - it doesn't look like it was ever displayed! The insert photo is in good condition - there are minor dents to the corners (where they insert into the display). The back of the photo has a glue mark - this is where it was glued to be affixed to the display. A BEAUTIFUL AND VERY RARE JEAN HARLOW / MOVIE COLLECTIBLE!  You'll never seen another one of these again!!   I'm selling this for nearly what I paid for it.......$350

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1935 - Original Advance US Trade ad 11" x 14", very fine condition to promote Jean Harlow in RiffRaff with Spencer Tracy "as the glamorous girl from nowhere who went places! She tops her vivid performance as China Doll in "CHINA SEAS" and MGM delivers another hit". Wonderful image of Harlow on the front with a striking gold background and superb graphic art on the back. This item came from an MGM distributers pack that was circulated to theatre owners in the 30s. They are very rare and consequently highly sought after.



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