Alfred Hitchcock's most nail-biting thriller of all time!!
"PSYCHO", 1960

ORIGINAL One Sheet and Lobby Card movie posters

Hitchcock_PSYCHO_1sht_65.jpg (28992 bytes)

1965 - "IT'S BACK!"

Original movie one-sheet poster from the 1965 reissue of the Alfred Hitchcock classic, "PSYCHO". This is an original poster not a reproduction. A groundbreaking classic of the horror thriller film genre starring Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam, and of course, Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates.

This poster is in Good condition. The colors are bright and the paper white, but with some minor stains. There has been some masking tape placed on the reverse side of the poster and there is a 6” closed tear center left, a 2” closed tear lower right and pinholes on the corners within the white border. Still this classic poster image remains bold and attractive.

A great item for the Hitchcock, horror, or movie fan!

Same graphics as the 1960 release with the exception of Hitchcock's creepy and favorite phrase "IT'S BACK" always used as a subtle dare for the audience to return and see it!


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1960 - An original release lobby card . Great scene!  Excellent condition. 



Hitchcock_Psycho_Leigh_lc.jpg (46777 bytes)

1960 - The BEST card of the set!!   This is the ONE!!  Spectacular scene with Janet Leigh on bed, with terrified look on her face.  This was the famous scene that was used in all the movie posters for this film. Very good condition with some creasing at top border.


Hitchcock_PSYCHO_lc_close.jpg (21548 bytes)

1960 - Exceptional vintage lobby card. Great close-up scene.


Hitchcock_PSYCHO_lc_69.jpg (40142 bytes)

1969 - It was the last theatrical release of this Hitchcock classic and they went out with a bang as far as their lobby cards were concerned. The images and great border art with Hitchcock himself and the teaser above his head "No one will be admitted except at the very beginning of the picture!"  make these very desirable. Also, the 1969 lobby cards are more rare then the earlier releases. We have NEVER seen one before!! As a matter of fact, there are none listed as ever being sold as of my last Movie Poster Almanac guide.