"Road to Morroco Morocco", 1942
"Road to Utopia", 1945
Original lobby cards
Starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour

Hope_Crosby_Road_Morocco.jpg (43557 bytes)  

Beautiful vintage lobby card from this 1942 Hope, Crosby, Lamour series classic. This lobby card was designed with stunning color and artwork. Probably the best of all the "Road to..." movies.  Considered the nicest lobby cards of the "Road to " series.
Excellent condition.


Hope_Crosby_Utop.JPG (68609 bytes)  

Another great vintage lobby card from this 1945 classic. What a great card to add to the "Road to ...." collection!! Excellent condition.



Hope_Crosby_Rio.JPG (43743 bytes) 1948 - Great lobby card with close-ups of all three main characters.  Great color and graphics!  Excellent condition for this 55 year old treasure!