"Jaws", 1975
Original one sheet and lobby card movie posters

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1975 - An original one-sheet from the unforgettable 1975 classic, "Jaws". NEAR MINT condition!.   The best condition we have seen with rich gloss and near new looking paper!



Currently sold out. Trying to locate another. 

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1975 - It was unheard of to re-release a movie the SAME year as the original release.  However, "Jaws" was such a phenomenon that the studio did just that. Here is the RARE 1975 re-release if "Jaws".  Notice the great heading "If you forgot what Terror was Like....IT'S BACK".  And, another
teaser in the box next to the shark's open jaw, "See what you missed the first time..after you closed you eyes".  This tactic was modeled from Alfred Hitchcock when he re-released "Psycho" and "Rear Window".

Great vintage posters in excellent+ condition!