"The Return of Chandu (The Magician)", 1934
Original Title Card and lobby cards
Starring Bela Lugosi


Lugosi_ChanduTC.jpg (21524 bytes)

A very rare Lugosi Title Card from 1934 in Near Mint condition!!!  Episode 7. You'll never see another like this again!!  $495

Lugosi_ChanduLC.jpg (20956 bytes)

Very rare 1934 Lugosi lobby card in near mint condition.Nice Lugosi close-up, which there were not many in this title!! $250

Lugosi_CHanduLC2.jpg (19400 bytes)

Rare Lugosi 1934 lobby card, with Lugosi in fighting scene. Near mint condition!!, $175

Lugosi_Chandu.JPG (33186 bytes)

Nice vintage Lugosi 1934 lobby card.  $150

These are all VERY RARE Bela Lugosi lobby cards from 1934, "The Return Of Chandu".
Beautiful vintage Lugosi pieces!! Most are in NEAR MINT condition which is incredible for nearly 70 year old cards.
Lugosi items continue to skyrocket in value!!