The Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer Family Album - from 1928

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Great piece of vintage movie memorabilia: The Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer Family Album - from 1928. This booklet was given out to promote MGMs stars and new films. The booklet measures 3-3/4" x 4-1/4" when folded up. Each page features a different star with a short paragraph about their upcoming films. Here is a listing of stars who are featured on their own page: Lon Chaney (mentions his new films "While the City Sleeps" & "West of Zanzibar"), Greta Garbo (her new films "A Woman of Affairs" & The Single Standard), Ramon Novarro, John Gilbert, Hal Roach's All Stars, Charley Chase, Our Gang (ten new 2-reelers on the way), Laurel and Hardy (a new series of ten new 2-reelers in 1928 & 1929), Tim McCoy, Buster Keaton (new film "The Camera Man"), Marion Davies, William Haynes, Norma Shearer, Lillian Gish, Cody-Pringle & Dane-Arthur. The booklet is in very good condition - the back cover has tape marks in the four corners where it was probably attached to a scrapbook - these are minor since the back cover is blank - a small part of the upper right hand tip of the Lon Chaney page is gone. A NICE ITEM WITH LOTS OF STARS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF MOVIE MAKING!      $375