"Mighty Joe Young", 1949  (last one is 1953)
Title Card & Original Lobby Cards

Mighty_Joe_TC.jpg (76777 bytes)

Here is the incredibly RARE and desirable Title Card from this post Kong like classic!!  A real treasure!!,  $600


Mighty_joe_young.jpg (32726 bytes)Mighty_joeyoung_ArtworkLC.jpg (60274 bytes)

Mighty_Joe_young4.jpg (68250 bytes)

These are all original 1949 lobby cards above. These are the highly desriable and most popular "artwork" images (I believe these were the only three out of the eight card set with Joe artwork). Rare and a real beauty. In very good condition
with only tape stains on borders on one, typical display tack holes on corners and the second one has a tear which extends through card but no pieces missing and repaired nicely making it virtually invisible to the naked eye. $275 each

Mighty_joe_Young_LC2.jpg (37135 bytes)

A really nice scene card from 1949 with the nice border art of Joe. Excellent condition with
only pinholes on corners from theatre display. $175

Mighty_Joe_Young3.jpg (39117 bytes)

This is from the 1953 re-release. But, look at the incredible border art which actually takes up nearly half
of the card. Very good condition with a small 1-2 inch scratch as seen on bottom (just touching Ben Johnson's name). $125