"Munster Go Home", 1966
Vintage Movie Posters & lobby cards from the popular 60's series
Starring Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo

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EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Original hand litho Australian 3 sheet approx 40" x 80", printed in 3 sections, folded as issued, fine condition. Australian three sheets were generally printed in 3 sections but occasionally had as many as 5 or even 6 panels. I have photographed each section to give a good indication of the condition of the poster. They were printed in extremely small quantities and sold to the cinemas for display. These posters would generally be taped or glued together and few have survived. This was recently acquired from one of Australia's most famous long time collectors. He worked in the industry for many years and tried to keep something from every film that was released. This poster is exceedingly rare and in many cases it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to find another.  The ONLY one we have ever seen in 20+ years of collecting!

In addition, the stunningly, beautiful artwork surpasses that of it's American counterpart, also issues in 1966. It is also FAR MORE RARE. EXCELLENT Condition!




"Munster Go Home", 1966
Original Lobby Cards


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This is considered the Title Card since it is the same artwork as the US one sheet, but a smaller lobby card size (11x14).


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Four beautiful lobby cards to go with the Title Card,

$150 each