"The Wizard of OZ"
Signed Munchkin Poster


Wizard of Oz- Movie poster signed by 3 munchkins

Here is a special Munchkin " Wizard of Oz," poster, limited edition signed by three munchkins  Karl Slover (1st Trumpeter), Jerry Maren (The Lollipop Kid) and Mickey Carroll (Violinist).  Also, comes with the actual personal photos so them signing. These are three of the last living Munchkins. 

Comes with COA from OZ Munchkinland Autographs who were the promoters of the signing autographs.



Karl Slover 

A native of Hungary, he began his career appearing in films with Laurel & Hardy (He was the cigar chomping little boy coming out of the elevator in blockheads), the Ritz Brothers, and Eddie Cantor and appeared with Jimmy Durante in Billy Rose's hit Musical "Jumbo." In addition to being one the Sleepy Heads, Karl was also a Muchkin Trumpeter in Judy Garland version of the Wizard Of Oz. He held the distinction of being one of the tiniest of the male little people on the Oz set.

Jerry Marin


Jerry appeared in many feature films before his immortal role as the "Lollipop Kid" including Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers.  He was also well known as the Oscar Meyer Weiner boy and Hush Puppies Boy. 

  Mickey Carroll


Mickey's only movie role was the Wizard of Oz.  But, he continues to be one of the most celebrated, popular and likable of all the Munchkins.