Basil Rathbone - "Sherlock Holmes"
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Rare Personal Letter from Sherlock Holmes to Clifton Webb

Basil Rathbone Autograph Letter Signed "Basil & Ouida" to Clifton Webb, one page, plain stationery, 6.75" x 10", New York, January 9, 1963. It begins: "Dear Cliffy. We heard you were in hospital in Houston Texas. How could you desert the Great State of California for the Greater State of Texas!..." He goes on to talk about their long friendship, the NY newspaper strike, Mabel's passing, and he asks Clifton to get in touch with them. Also in this lot are two 10" x 8" B&W photos showing the Rathbones, David Niven, Mabelle Webb and others at a dinner party. All three items are in excellent condition. A portion of the letter's original mailing envelope is included.
Rathbone SIGNS AGAIN on back of envelop with his handwritten address. 

Note this photo shows Webb's mother Mabelle. See the Fred Astaire letter of condolences to Webb on the passing of Mabelle in 1960. 

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Sherlock Holmes AND Doctor Watson
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Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Signed Notecards. Includes a 3" x 5" note card signed by Basil Rathbone in black ink and dated Nov 23, 1942 and an album page with a note card signed by Nigel Bruce in black ink and dated 1943 affixed under a photo of Bruce. The reverse side of the page also features a card signed by Ann Harding in blue ink affixed under a photo of the actress. All are in Excellent condition with some mild tanning to the edges of the cards.  
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Signatures acquired in 1942-43 during the peak of their Sherlock Holmes popularity