Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig
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From One of the Largest Quality Vintage Original and Wire Photo collections ever assembled direct from (3) different sportswriters' and their working libraries. Original Vintage Photos are 'from the period' and are 'FIRST generation' pieces (unless clearly stated). Wire Photos were extensively used in print media during the first half of the 1900's. Issued by news agencies (such as Acme, NEA, International News, Associated Press, UPI, Fotogram,) only to the press, these Gorgeous pieces capture a historical moment, frozen in time, as they were issued on the day the event happened. Unfortunately they were issued in extremely limited quantities solely for print media industry usage (it is estimated that there were approximately 25 - 50 of EACH particular photograph made). Over the years, many were destroyed or lost, and in some cases, there are only 1 or 2 specimens known to exist today of a particular photograph making these Original, First Generation Vintage Photographic relics Outstanding Investments. (NOTE: Original Photos or Wire Photos can be distinguished from contemporary reproduction photographs or "copies" (which are worthless, many of which you'll see on eBay for a dime a dozen) by one or more of the following signs: (1) the photographer or news agency stamp (2) the news print/caption attached on the reverse (and on the obverse for many post-1950's pieces), (3) age of the photographic paper stock.


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Historic 1934 Wire Photo BABE RUTH - FINAL Yankee Game


Farewell to the Babe !

An Outstanding ORIGINAL Wire Photo issued by Acme Newspictures on September 30, 1934, the final game of the season and Babe Ruth's LAST game as a member of the New York Yankees (Ruth was honored at Griffith Stadium earlier that day with gifts he announced his retirement from baseball. He retired and was convinced to return to the game by Boston Braves owner Judge Fuchs later in December). The Original Press Stamp, Date and Caption is on the reverse of this Vintage photo measuring 6" x 8".

When Ruth decided to exit the game and leave the Yankees, it was ugly. Ruth with his diminishing skills was a fraction of the man he was in his prime. After years of lobbying for the managerial position with the Yankees and unsuccessfully getting through to the deaf ears of owner Jacob Ruppert, Ruth had enough. This is an Outstanding photo of a dejected Ruth with his head down making his exit outside the ballpark. A kid is shown trying to chase down the Babe but Ruth (who usually accommodates everyone) was in a foul mood and had no time to pen the lad's baseball. The cop shown is gesturing with his hands to the kid with a "not-today-son" motion. There is a man in the left foreground holding a long object wrapped up (possibly Ruth's final bat as a memento, but that is just an educated guest). The caption folds out neatly from the bottom as seen in the second scan making this one ideal for framing with the story line showing. Simply a tremendous image !



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1935 Wire Photo BABE RUTH - "Lonesome Babe" !


Waiting for that Call

One of the most famous images of Ruth taken and issued in 1935 by The Christy Walsh Syndicate. The image depicts Ruth who has been out of baseball but hopes to return as a manager, staring out his window in his apartment, hoping for that one opportunity. Unfortunately for Ruth, the call never came. According to an interview segment on the YES network with his daughter, Linda Ruth, when the Babe passed away, he died with a sadden soul and took the grief to his death-bed. His only wish was to lead a team but unfortunately no club gave him the chance (Fuchs stringed him along in 1935 and Ruth retired from the game when he realized he was just a side-show for the Braves club. The Dodgers offered him a coaching spot in 1938, a position he accepted in hopes of heading the club one day. He quit by the end of July realizing Brooklyn was going in a different direction)

The 8" x 10" photo carries the Christy Walsh stamp on the reverse. The clarity is first-rate and the contrast is striking. The image itself is the one associated with Ruth's hopes and dream of managing and has appeared in several books including the late-Lawrence Ritter's classic "The Babe". This is an Exceptional Ruth photograph.


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Scarce 1935 Engraved Cigarette Lighter BABE RUTH Nice !

A scarce and attractive cigarette lighter from 1935 featuring the events that year around the world. In the sports world, Babe Ruth's retirement from the game was the top story and he is honored here as one of the newsmakers that year. The lighter measures approx. 2.5" in height and 2-1/4" in diameter and is made of metal with a leather bottom and bronze-like panel siding featuring (6) engraved side images of which five commemorates moments that year and the sixth panel inscribed "Remember 1935". Ruth is shown holding a bat with his famous #3 and the panel is inscribed "Babe Ruth Retires".The lighter is in excellent condition overall and with some oil and fluid, it would be functional. A beautiful vintage all-original piece.


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1931 Original Photo BABE RUTH & JOE McCARTHY Yankees


An OUTSTANDING Original Vintage 1931 photo depicting Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees with his New manager, Joseph Vincent McCarthy at spring training. The photo measures 8" x 10" with some light wear and a corner crease but overall the image is first-rate on this vintage first generation photograph. McCarthy always had a tough time taming Ruth. The known fact that Ruth wanted the Yankees job added to the tension between the two that can be felt in this great shot of the Babe appearing to be biting his tongue. One of the earliest photos taken of the two Hall of Famers and Yankee legends meeting for the first time.    $895

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1929 - Wire photo with Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey.

This is a beautiful original wire photo that features Babe Ruth and Jack Dempsey "sparring" for the camera. The photo measures 8-1/8" by 10-1/8" and is in decent condition considering its age. The bottom corners have been torn and there is some minor creasing as well as some paper loss in the top left corner. Otherwise, it's a very nice photo to add to any collection! On the back is the original Pacific & Atlantic Photos wire stamp and the description tag sheet. Discusses their boxing match for charity.  This a rare ORIGINAL wire photo that is unlike any other photo you'll find


$750  $575

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1929 Wire Photo BABE RUTH Yankees showing off bat


An ORIGINAL Wire Photo issued in 1929 by Pacific & Atlantic depicting Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees showing his bat to young star pitcher of the Cleveland Indians Wes Ferrell. There is wear around the photo primarily restricted to the borders and the central image should matte and frame out nicely. The Original Press Stamps are on the reverse of this photo measuring 8" x 10" with excellent contrast and clarity.

Of interesting note is the stamping on the reverse, which helps us trace the history of it ownership. The photo was used several times and was owned by several news agencies; from the last days of P&A, and part of Acme Newspictures' archives when the latter acquired the former in the late 1920's. It then became the property of the United Press in 1952 when UP acquired Acme and then the property of UPI in 1957 when International merged with UP. The image is nice but the historical documentation on the reverse is also neat in its own right !


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1929 Wire Photo LOU GEHRIG Batting Action YANKEES


An ORIGINAL Wire Photo issued on March 12, 1929 by International News Photos depicting Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees slamming one during Spring Training. The Original Press Stamp, Date and Caption is on the reverse of this Vintage photo measuring 6" x 8". A small chip on the upper border but the image itself is unaffected with superb contrast and clarity.



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SUPERB Wire Photo BABE RUTH in his APARTMENT Awesome !


Walls of Fame !

An ORIGINAL Wire Photo issued on February 14, 1939 by International News Photos depicting a terrific view of the King, Babe Ruth in his memorabilia filled castle on West End Avenue in Manhattan. The Original Press Stamp is on the reverse of this Vintage photo measuring 8" x 10". Superb contrast, clarity and amazing detail of all those great pieces on the Babe's walls. A couple of photos of Ruth and Gehrig, original artwork of the Babe and Yankee Stadium, a large photo of the 1927 Yankees, a photo premium of the 1934 Tour of Japan squad, a Bambino figurine are among some of the great pieces hanging in the apartment. A great inspirational piece for all you Ruth fanatics trying to build the ultimate Ruth shrine. We just love this one !


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1930 Wire Photo BABE RUTH & JACOB RUPPERT Yankees Owner


An ORIGINAL Wire Photo issued in the 1930's by International News Photos depicting Babe Ruth and the owner of the New York Yankees, Jacob Ruppert. The Original Press Stamp is on the reverse of this Vintage photo measuring 7" x 9". Original editorial markings on the obverse (that can be removed with a damped cloth if desired) as the photograph was used in publication. Terrific image of the two who duked it out so often on the negotiations table. The Babe was worth every nickel the Colonel spent.