Original Vintage Six Sheet  (81x81") Movie Posters
Posters larger then Life!!
If you have the space these are Spectacular displayed

1915 - Amazing UNUSED Original SIX Sheet. The high quality of paper has allowed this historical piece to survive OVER 90 years and still in incredible condition. 

This poster is so large (81"x81") that we took the image in section which is why is looks misaligned. The poster is in six sections. Great artwork of the stars and the four modes of transportation of 1915 in each corner.  The is the earliest movie poster we have acquired in over 20 years of collecting.



Baxter_Devils_Henchmen_6sht.jpg (87447 bytes)

1949 - Rare six sheet starring Warner Baxter. Great graphics! Very good condition.



Brennan_Walter_6sht.jpg (95516 bytes)

1944 - A specatcular vintage 6 sheet starring Walter Brennan. Excellent condition.


1950 $395

Cotten_Walk_Softly_6sht.jpg (75960 bytes)

1950 - Here is a really STUNNING six sheet for the crime drama "Walk Softly Stranger" starring Joseph Cotton and Valli. The artwork is amazing and would look incredible displayed!   Excellent condition.



Davis_The_Star_6sht.jpg (74259 bytes)

1953 - What else needs to be said here? This Bette Davis classic six sheet movie poster exhibits stunning artwork! The ultimate find for the Bette Davis fan and vintage movie collector.   Very good condition.



DeCarlo_Hudson_6sht.jpg (65210 bytes)

1952 - Breathtaking graphics in this Yvonne DeCarlo (AKA Lilly Munster) and Rock Hudson vintage six sheet. Verry good condition and would look great linen backed!



Ford_Glenn_Convicted_6sht.jpg (75091 bytes)

1950 - Nice vintage Glenn Ford - Broderick Crawford classic crime drama six sheet movie poster.



Gardner_Angel_Red_6sht.jpg (70388 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1960 Wartime/Religious Drama
"The Angel Wore Red"
starring Ava Gardner and Dirk Bogarde

Very good condition


Guilty_Treason_6sht.jpg (65832 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1950 Anti-Communist Propoganda Film
"Guilty of Treason"
starring Charles Bickford and Paul Kelly

Very good condition with stunning graphics and artwork!


Hayward_6sht.jpg (64646 bytes)

1962 - RARE Susan Hayward classic six sheet, "I Thank a Fool", also starring Peter Finch. Excellent condition.



Lamour_Slightly_French_6sht.jpg (63197 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1948 Musical Comedy
"Slightly French"
starring Dorothy Lamour and Don Ameche

This is a 81x81" authentic, theater-used, Six Sheet movie poster for the 1948 Columbia Pictures release of "Slightly French," starring Dorothy Lamour, Don Ameche, Janis Carter and Willard Parker. Directed by Douglas Sirk.

Fine condition and great vintage artwork!


Lancaster_Mister880_6sht.jpg (76879 bytes)

1950 - Here is a great vintage six sheet starring Burt Lancaster, Dorothy McGuire and Edmund Gwenn. Very good condition.



Lone_Wolf_6sht.jpg (67257 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1949 Mystery/Crime Drama
"The Lone Wolf and His Lady"
starring Ron Randell and June Vincent

This is a 81x81" authentic, theater-used, Six Sheet movie poster for the 1949 Columbia Pictures release of "The Lone Wolf and His Lady," starring Ron Randell, June Vincent and William Frawley. Directed by John Hoffman.

Very good-fine condition.  Stunning Graphics and artwork!!


Peck_Beloved_6sht.jpg (59518 bytes)

1959 - Gregory Peck, Deborah Kerr classic six sheet movie poster. Very good condition.



Peck_Flannel_6sht.jpg (85669 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1956 Psychological Drama
"The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit"
starring Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones


Very good condition


POwer_Tyronne_Luck_Irish_6sht.jpg (84085 bytes)

1948 - One of the nicest vintage posters we have seen. Starring Tyronne Power and Ann Baxter, this St Patty's day poster displays some beautiful artwork!

The only one we have ever seen of this title!  And, a RARE six sheet at that!



Randall_Ives_Brass_Bottle_6sht.jpg (65398 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1964 Fantasy Comedy
"The Brass Bottle"
starring Tony Randall and Burl Ives

Very fine condition with great graphics and artwork!


Sinatra_Ryans_Express_6sht.jpg (77903 bytes)

1965 - One of the most popular Sinatra films (and constantly shown on AMC). A great piece of vintage Sinatra artwork on this original six sheet movie poster.

Very goods condition.



Stewart_Gotta_Happy_6sht.jpg (78472 bytes)

1948 - A great RARE James Stewart poster with great co-stars! Nice artwork.



Wayne_Hatari_6sht.jpg (94074 bytes)

Orignal Six Sheet for the 1962 Romance/Adventure Comedy
starring John Wayne and Hardy Kruger

This is a 81x81" authentic, theater-used, Six Sheet movie poster for the 1962 Paramount Pictures release of "Hatari," starring John Wayne, Hardy Kruger, Elsa Martinelli and Red Buttons. Directed by Howard Hawks

Condition Fine-Very Fine