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Authentic piece of coal from the wreckage

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Titanic- Coal remnants from the wreck site

Here is coal remnant(s) recovered from the wreck site of the RMS Titanic. This coal was brought up and recovered during search and recovery operations conducted by RMS Titanic and the Ifremer that could go down to the depths of the ocean in search for it. It comes with a copy of the certificate of authenticity from the president of RMS, Titanic Arnie Geller and the captain of the Ifremer, P.H. Margeolet. Also comes with a COA hand signed by John Reznikoff/University Archives who authenticates for PSA/DNA. Nicely presented within a limited edition display page measuring 11X8.5, which includes images of the Titanic, a image of a ticket to board the vessel and a copy of a newspaper announcing that the Titanic hit an iceberg. The coal remnant(s) are in a small plastic bag for presentation and could be nicely matted with this presentation page. This item is number 27/300.