1888 Cast Iron Toy Mechanical Bank








Antique 1888 Cast Iron Trick Dog Mechanical Bank

You will see many RE-PRODUCTIONS of this VERY RARE, VERY POPULAR Toy Mechanical Bank from 1888 on the internet, including Ebay. However, you may wait a LONG TIME to find another ORIGINAL Trick Dog Bank like this one. The nicest we have ever seen in 20 years of collecting!  And MAYBE the first that has the ORIGINAL Hoop still in TACT!! The condition of this 118 year old treasure is well, just quite amazing.  We are not sure if the paint on the clown and dog has been touched up, but if it has, whoever did it, did spectacular work!  The base still maintains much of the original red paint.  The only thing we would consider a minus is the coin door on the bottom is missing.  Otherwise, a truly museum piece!

This piece has been obviously well cared for over the past 118 years.

The bottom is marked “ Pat July 31, 1888”.  AND, as if it couldn’t get any better, are you ready??  IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!  I tried five quarters and the dog got four of them in!!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!    An amazing vintage treasure!