"Arizona", 1931
Original Vintage Lobby Card (11x14")
Starring a 23 year old John Wayne


Here's a rarity for any John Wayne collection!! An original 11" x 14" lobby card  from the 1931 seldom seen John Wayne classic,  ARIZONA starring Laura LaPlante, John Wayne and June Clyde. Follwing his first starring role in The Big Trail (1930), Wayne signed with Columbia Pictures and was, on the whole, so disenchanted with the roles offered to him by Harry Cohn's studio -- he even played a corpse in one film -- after being released from his contract in 1932, he never never made another film for Columbia!! ARIZONA was his third film for the studio and co-starred him with former silent screen star Laura LaPlante in a melodramatic weepy set against a military school background. This superb, unnumbered card is one of the best cards in the set and features superb images of both Wayne and LaPlante in a dramatic moment. 

The Poster Price Almanac has two lobby cards from this movie listed  from 1990 and 1992 selling for $1200 & $1500.  So, not only highly desirable and valuable but RARELY appearing in the marketplace.  You may have to wait another 16 years for another!

AND, this lobby card is in incredible condition! Almost as though it was never used!

Check out the online biography of this Hollywood legend. Quite interesting facts you have never known before.