"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon", 1949
    ORIGINAL Vintage lobby card movie poster
    Starring John Wayne


    Wayne_Yellow_Ribbon_lc.jpg (41735 bytes)

    1949 - ORIGINAL lobby card from this John Wayne classic!  Stunning images and artwork!!  My favorite card of the set.   To see this card in person is even better.  The graphic of John Wayne, his facial expression, his uniform, his gray hair is quite striking! Excellent + condition.


    Wayne_Yellow_Ribbon_lc2.jpg (50682 bytes)

    1949 - Another stunning lobby card from this Wayne cavalry classic!  Slight crease down middle, but still a stunning card and border art!


    1949 - Original lobby card with Wayne and his troops.  As all other cards from this classic title, the graphics and artwork is exceptional, including the stunning border art!! One of my favorite vintage movie poster art titles in 25 years of collecting.