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It is VERY unlikely you will ever see another one of these again!!

Now...Look above!!.....What you are staring at in disbelief is a SUPER-RARE & ORIGINAL RELEASE 11x14 lobby card from the 1923 CLASSIC LON CHANEY SR. BLOCKBUSTER, ..."THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME"...!! Ever even SEE one before?? Probably not, as items from this title are almost as rare as COLD CREAM from Lon's legendary MAKE-UP KIT!! This card shows the tremendous NOTRE DAME, CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF PARIS--the largest set ever built for any says the card in the lower right margin...Also states..."PHOTOGRAPHED IN ACTION"...B&W, with a blue tint overall, it is a stunning achievement in movie sets, and totally realistic with the spires and roofs of the town surrounding it. VERY GOOD condition but for two small holes in the center, & some pinholes in the corners, but, HEY! IS what it IS, & just TRY!! find ANOTHER one!! So don't blow your chance to own an original lobby card from a TRUE HORROR CLASSIC of the Silver Screen!! & don't forget!!  Would look incredible specially framed.